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My Credentials: — I am one month and ten blogs old on Medium now. What I have earned, after investing, about 30 hours writing, is less than what I earn in 30 mins in my regular 7AM–7PM contract job ( yes, 7–7 is the new 9–5)! But I have no regrets. The STAR Blogger Ayodeji Awosika says — “if you are consistent in terms of quality and quantity, the financial returns would eventually increase — exponentially”. I am not there yet; but I am applying my learnings, and it is working. And it can work for you. …

How to smoothly transition into a career in UX?

UX is a growing field and reasonably lucrative one. As the world experiences a continuous flux in terms of the professions that are lost to AI, border restrictions and to unprecedented catastrophes like the current pandemic, there are new professions that emerge and grow faster than ever to replace the disappearing ones. In such a scenario the Luddites will perish, while those who can adapt change and learn fast, will survive and prosper.

The Career Hopper ( Image: Pixabay)

The Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, in his deeply thoughtful and fascinating non-fiction best-sellers Sapiens and Homo Deus…

I have recently been getting a lot of posts in my LinkedIn feed on AI taking over design jobs.

Ever since AI defeated Kasparov in 1997, there have been newsbytes of AI’s new achievement every now and then — DeepMind’s AlphaGo that defeated the human world champion in the game of Go mastering it just over a weekend (and this is much more unpredictable than chess), AI that plays piano better than the best human pianist, AI that drives a car faster and safer than the best human driver and so on …. …

CAPITALISM marries SOCIALISM. A Win-Win deal for Everybody.

CAPITALISM is about meritocracy but also selfishness.

SOCIALISM is about altruism but risks promoting incompetence.

SELFISH-ALTRUISM is a marriage of both. A Win-Win deal for all.

Read on to know more …

Source = https://unsplash.com/photos/ktPKyUs3Qjs; edited by the author.

Until recently, the vast majority of the world’s population worked on farms and the total production of the world’s economy came mostly from agricultural output, and this output was limited by the fixed size of the land. Although, the population kept increasing year over year, the total output of the economy did not change, as the size of the land was fixed. …

“plato cave_small” (Plato’s cave allegory) by Storybuilder is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Image from Google search (Creative Commons)

Rethinking thought

Marriage meets the Devil’s advocate


He is polygamous, so is she,

then why marry?

If he can cook and she can drive,

then why marry?

If she works and has her own money,

then why marry?

Doesn’t the vacuum-cleaner, the dish-washer and the washing-machine cover-up for a lot of the spouse’s job anyways?

then why marry?

If he likes to change his car, his house, his job, every now and then,

then why marry?

If she likes to change her shoes, her dress, everyday,

then why marry?

If she has the money and means to borrow from the sperm-bank any sperm of her choice, gene-edit…

The Philosophy behind the Mythology

Tonight is Shiv-Ratri, the night when Shiv was born.

In Hindu mythology, Shiv is the god of destruction.


Brahm, Vishnu and Shiv go hand-in-hand as do creation, maintenance and destruction.

Over the years, I have metamorphized from a practicing Hindu into an atheist.

This means that I have stopped believing that Shiv is a super-human sitting half-naked on the top of Mt. Kailash with a snake around his neck and the Moon stuck on his head.

However, I see no problem in acknowledging the beautiful and deep philosophy behind each of the gods including Shiv. This is in accordance with…

A hilarious but alarming trend

Illustration by Arup Roy ( author)

My Observation: I have been on Medium for about two and half months now and I have noticed a hilarious yet alarming trend.

The trend is that the top grossing writers are those that advice others write better and make more money on Medium and most new writers are following them.

Here is why it is hilarious…

Consider there are four writers on Medium — A, B, C & D.

A writes about how to write better and earn more on Medium.

B writes about how to write better and earn more on Medium.

C writes about how to write better and earn more on Medium.

Learning from the best

Illustration by the author

Medium is a writers platform. A platform for writers experienced and new alike to express themselves through the craft they love and are most comfortable with. Keeping this in mind, I thought, it would be be great if I could devote one short and punchy blog to learning from those who are at the top of their game.

In the past, I have written blogs on learning from Shakespeare and another that attempts to decode factors that go into writing a viral blog on Medium. Links to both are shared in the end.

In this blog let me share with…

Lessons from Dan Brown and other tips …

Image from Google search ( creative commons licensed)

If there was a set formula for writing a viral story, then there would never be a viral story!!!

The Mathematics and the Logic behind it …

Let me explain the above sentence in detail, by breaking it down using commonsense logic and mathematics.

Viral is a relative term. If we all knew and followed a formula for success and achieved that success then, relatively speaking none of us would have a viral story. Medium is a zero-sum game and your success is at the cost of someone else’s failure.

This is because there are only a limited number of paid members, and that means only limited funds…

Arup Roy

Top Writer, Creative Empath, Global Nomad. I blog on Art & Design, UX, Psychology, AI, Philosophy, Society & Culture, Lifehacks…

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