Summary, Links and Table of Contents

Vincent Van Gogh

(Work Less & Earn More = Live Smarter)

The Career Hopper ( Image: Pixabay)

Episode 9 : Follow Your Dreams (CANCELLED) by BanksY

Episode 8 : The Politics of Art

If you are an art collector, then art does not really have any meaning for you, and the only purpose of art for you would be to earn profits.

Episode 7 : “Soleil Levant” — Ai Weiwei

Episode 6 : “Impression, Soleil Levant” — Claude Monet

Episode 5 : “America” — The tale of the Golden Toilet.

Episode 4 — The FOUNTAIN

Arup Roy

Creative Empath, Global Nomad. Top Writer in Art and AI. I want to get you interested in the philosophy behind Art and AI.

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